Copper Top Ovens


We started our new adventure in the summer of 2009 and look forward to sharing our savory signature pizzas with you.

Returning to a timeless tradition perfected over 2,500 years ago – today we cook for family and friends in our mobile wood-fired oven that produces exceptional results – simultaneously using three different time tested types of heat sources – conductive heat from the hearth, radiant heat from the walls, and convection air heat from the flames circulating in the dome of our oven.


The optimal cooking temperature in our oven is between 725-800 degrees. We use the best quality flour, hand tossed dough, and fresh seasonal farmers’ market ingredients to make and deliver our pizza pies. Our oven has the space for five pizza pies at a time, with each pie taking about two minutes to bake. Pizza pies exit the oven with a seared crackling top crust and thin moist bottom crust.