Our oven’s core was constructed using modern, lightweight, heat retaining materials developed by Wildwood Ovens in Southern California. We assembled the oven using a dry fitted method followed by applying a special exterior insulating material and refractory joint grout compound. Under the hearth we have installed a Heat Stopper Board that is also made of modern high heat retaining materials and insulating properties with a high compression psi. This provides maximum heat retention by the hearth and is an alternation to the typical stationary need to set rebar, construct a large concrete base and build an even larger platform to retain the heat.

In consultation with Mork Co., we fabricated a custom metal stand so we can safely transport the oven and reach high heat cooking temperatures between 700 ° – 900 ° while substantially reducing the heat dissipation from the oven hearth and leaving a low carbon footprint.

Next – while experimenting and perfecting our dough, we designed a unique mobile process to deliver our oven and cook fresh signature pizza pies to perfection at local farmers’ markets or any gathering in the San Francisco Bay area. If you want to add an impression piece of functional art to your next celebration – consider our wood-fired oven – we’ll deliver a great conversation piece, aroma, and most of all —– healthy and flavorful signature pizza pies every two minutes.


Our oven is based on the design of wood-fired ovens that were used thousands of years ago and can still be found in parts of Europe, the Mediterranean and other corners of the globe.